QMJIP – Volume 4 – Issue 3 (July 2014)

by Pedro Malaquias

QMJIP – Volume 4 – Issue 3 (July 2014) has been published. The list of contents reads as follows:

  • Editorial‘, Johanna Gibson and Lord Hoffmann (free content);
  • Intellectual property rights and benefit sharing from marine genetic resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction: current discussions and regulatory options‘, Claudio Chiarolla (free content);
  • Competition (or confusion?) of models and coexistence of rules from different sources in the European patent with unitary effect:Is there a reasonable alternative?‘, Vincenzo Di Cataldo;
  • The French out-of-commerce books law in the light of the European Orphan Works Directive‘, Alexandra Bensamoun;
  • 5 Pointz down: the New York District Court ruling on ‘Graffiti Mecca’, Shane Michael Burke;
  • When is a performance not a performance (but a copyright work)?‘ Phillip Johnson and Sheldon W Halpern;
  • Book Review: Christophe Geiger (ed), Constructing European Intellectual Property: Achievements and New Perspectives (EIPIN and Edward Elgar, 2013) 496 pp’ Dev Gangjee;
  • Book Review: Paul Kearns (ed), Freedom of Artistic Expression (Hart Publishing, 2013) 260pp Joshua Jaskiewicz.

Further information and access to two free articles is available here.


Pedro Malaquias is a Portuguese Qualified lawyer. Currently, he is a LL.M. student at Queen Mary, University of London and works as a Student Research Fellow at Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute (QMIPRI) and as Assistant Editor at Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property (QMJIP). @PedroMMalaquias