Jean Nouvel’s action for right of integrity infringement was rejected

by Axel P Ringelhann

As reported earlier this year, the French architect Jean Nouvel sought action before the TGI de Paris for infringement of his moral rights concerning the Concert Hall for the Philharmonie de Paris which he designed.

The French architect requested that the Court order the defendant to restore the modifications of his initial drawings and plans. In total, the architect denotes 26 instances of non-conformity with his original sketches.

The newspaper Lepoint reported that the judges dismissed the action, for the documents produced before Court were not of such nature to apprehend the changes claimed by the author. Thus, the Court could not have knowledge of the requested restoration the authors requested.

It remains to be seen if this will be the final chapter of this story.

Axel P Ringelhann, QMJIP Assistant Editor