QMJIP – Volume 5 – Issue 3 (July 2015)

by Pedro Malaquias

QMJIP – Volume 5 – Issue 3 (July 2015) has been published. This is a special issue of Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property. Its six contributions were all part of the 2014 The International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property workshop. The list of contents reads as follows:

  • Editorial‘, Marianne Dahlén, Martin Fredriksson and Eva Hemmungs Wirtén (free content);
  • Public architectural art and its spirits of instability‘, Aura Bertoni and Maria Lillà Montagnani;
  • Judicial snapshots and fair use theory‘, Michael Birnhack;
  • How to patent a chemical? The instability of a new type of intellectual property (Switzerland, 1888–1907)‘, Nicolas Chachereau;
  • Intellectual property for the neurocentric age: towards a neuropolitics of IP‘, Jake Dunagan and Debora Halbert;
  • Protecting the musicians and/or the record industry? On the history of ‘neighbouring rights’ and the role of Fascist Italy‘, Rasmus Fleischer (free content);
  • Tactical destabilization for economic justice: the first phase of the 1984–2004 rhythm & blues royalty reform movement‘, Matt Stahl.

Further information and access to the free content is available here.


@PedroMMalaquias (LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law at Queen Mary, University of London; Portuguese Qualified lawyer; Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, Associate Editor)