QMJIP – Volume 5 – Issue 4 (October 2015)

by Pedro Malaquias

QMJIP – Volume 5 – Issue 4 (October 2015) has been published. The list of contents reads as follows:

  • Editorial‘, Johanna Gibson (free content);
  • Mr Skemp’s preposterous provision: the drafting of the Patents Act 1977 and harmonization in the 1970s‘, Phillip Johnson (free content);
  • Tethered technologies, cloud strategies and the future of the first sale/exhaustion defence in copyright law‘, Christoph B Graber;
  • Africa’s food security in a broken global food system: what role for plant breeders’ rights?‘, Chidi Oguamanam;
  • Enforcing the WTO rulings on trade marks and trade names in Havana Club‘, Matthew Kennedy;
  • Gene-related inventions in Europe: purpose- vs function-bound protection‘, Jessica C Lai;
  • A novel method of IP R&D using patent analysis and expert survey‘, Sunghae Jun, Seung-Joo Lee, Jea-Bok Ryu and Sangsung Park;
  • Research on subjective elements for the indirect copyright infringement of IPTV manufacturers in China‘, Zhe Wang and Wei Li;
  • Expanding the reach of India’s ‘Bolar’ exemption‘, Emmanuel Kolawole Oke;
  • Having a patent department alone cannot constitute a specific intent to cause direct infringement under US patent law‘, Ping-Hsun Chen;
  • Book Review: Lionel Bently and Brad Sherman, Intellectual Property Law, 4th edn (Oxford University Press, 2014) 1440 pp‘, Trevor Cook;
  • Book Review: Sharon Sandeen and Elizabeth Rowe (eds), Trade Secrets and Undisclosed Information (Edward Elgar, 2014) 968 pp‘, John Hull;
  • Book Review: Noam Shemtov and Ian Walden (eds), Free and Open Source Software: Policy, Law and Practice (Oxford University Press, 2013) 544 pp‘, Andrès Guadamuz.

Further information and access to the free content is available here.