QMJIP – Volume 7 – Issue 1 (April 2017)

by Giancarlo Moretti

The last issue of QMJIP has been released (Volume 7 – Issue 1). The table of content reads as follows:

  • Editorial – J Gibson
  • Making patents work: of IP duties and deficient disclosures – S Basheer
  • Whither China’s protection of geographical indications? A case study of Qinzhouhuang Millet – Z Xiaoping
  • Protection of ‘handicraft’ as geographical indications under municipal law, TRIPS and BTAs vis-à-vis CETA: ‘Bangladeshi Jamdani’ as case study – M A Karim & M E Karim
  • Control or promote? China’s cultural censorship system and its influence on copyright protection – T He
  • Minutes of Evidence of the Select Committee on the Letters Patent for Invention Act 1835 – P Johnson
  • Metall auf Metall’ – the German Federal Constitutional Court discusses the permissibility of sampling music tracks Bunderverfassungsgericht BVerfG 1 BvR 1585/13 – ‘Metall auf Metall’ – M D Mimler
  • Book Review – M Iljadica
  • Book Review – R Sciaudone


Giancarlo Moretti LL.M. (QMUL), Ph.D. Candidate (QMUL) @GCarloMoretti